Swimming with Seals

This past week the weather was pretty calm and the sun was shining so we took our boat out to the Eastern Isles, Scilly and anchored up close to where the seals bask on the rocks. Some friends we had staying and I put on wetsuits and swam with the seals. They were pretty friendly and we spent around an hour snorkeling and swimming with them. Watching how agile they are under the water is a stark contrast to how clumsy they look on land. It was a very enjoyable morning and everyone had fun! Joanna got some great photographs which I have added below.

2012-08-23 12.58.57
2012-08-23 12.57.19
2012-08-23 12.55.36
2012-08-23 12.55.40
2012-08-23 12.56.07
2012-08-23 13.10.24
2012-08-23 13.15.44

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