Quay Extension

As you may or may not know, St.Marys quay is being extended this year. This will entail dredging the area, and bringing pre-cast concrete sections over which are being made in Plymouth. The work is ongoing and we have a ‘Jack-up' portable working platform next to the quay which will be used in the operations. Eventually it will have a crane on board to help with the dredging etc.

It was a beautiful sunny morning today and there was also one of the lowest tides of the year so I took the opportunity to have a stroll down the beach and have a close up look. Below are my photos, let me know what you think!

Westford Scilly Jackup-01
Westford Scilly Jackup-02
Westford Scilly Jackup-03
Westford Scilly Jackup-04
Westford Scilly Jackup-05
Westford Scilly Jackup-06
Westford Scilly Jackup-07
Westford Scilly Jackup-09
Westford Scilly Jackup-10
Westford Scilly Jackup-11
Westford Scilly Jackup-12
Westford Scilly Jackup-13

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